Royal Bells


With my dictatorial commands in one hand and my wannabe-photographer cousin in the other, I marched off into the abyss in order to display to you the wonder that is my sense of style – LAWL I actually stepped right outside my front door and took these delicious poses in the comfort of my driveway. Nevertheless, in order to introduce my take on sartorialism I thought it would be fitting to start off with the garment that makes me feel at the peak of my authority. With these navy blue bell-bottoms, not only do they make my legs look eternal but they are formal – very formal. Pairing it with a white button down shirt added to this effect but my jungle of brown hairs (no not my winter legs), give them a slightly more casual turn.







Da deets:

Fur gilet – Solider

Shirt – Forever 21

Bell bottom pants – Bel Air