Riding on a Camel


What better item to make you feel important than a long winter coat? If that is not enough of a power trip, add an intimidating black hat to the mix. Still not satisfied? A dash of dominatrix leather and platform heels should do the trick. A walk down the street in this outfit and your people will be exuding respect for you. But, in order to still be a “people’s queen”, wearing something a little more girly or young may obtain that status. I’ve done so by wearing a leather skirt but in a skater shape and pairing it with a cosy, wooly, white sweater.






Da Deets:

Hat – Zara

Sweater – Sandro

Coat – Zara

Skirt – Dorothy Perkins

Heels – Histoire de Plaire


King’s Slippers


It’s always fun to mix garments you never thought you would wear again with an everyday look, I did just this with this snakeskin print dress that I wore for my 18th birthday party. By using a dress as a skirt, you can channel your inner (insert anti-semitic stereotype) and get a 2 in 1 deal. I also strongly feel that if you can incorporate one coveted item into your outfit, no matter what h&m sales rack outfit you wear, it will immediately look chic and stylish. Not that I practiced what I preached….







Da Deets:

Sunglasses – Camden Market London

Leather jacket – Massimo Dutti

Sweater – Pull&Bear

Dress – Topshop

Slippers – La Tenace

Bag – CĂ©line

Royal Bells


With my dictatorial commands in one hand and my wannabe-photographer cousin in the other, I marched off into the abyss in order to display to you the wonder that is my sense of style – LAWL I actually stepped right outside my front door and took these delicious poses in the comfort of my driveway. Nevertheless, in order to introduce my take on sartorialism I thought it would be fitting to start off with the garment that makes me feel at the peak of my authority. With these navy blue bell-bottoms, not only do they make my legs look eternal but they are formal – very formal. Pairing it with a white button down shirt added to this effect but my jungle of brown hairs (no not my winter legs), give them a slightly more casual turn.







Da deets:

Fur gilet – Solider

Shirt – Forever 21

Bell bottom pants – Bel Air